Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ching! Ching!

All thanks to some friends who dropped by to see my little princess.
They ordered the signature coconut cupcakes too. These are the first customers of The Palm Bakery.
There will be more to come hopefully.
Right now, I have got to do the frosting for the large number of cupcakes that will go to Baker Road Methodist Church (BRMC) Mandarin Service tomorrow morning.
Next up do catch us on Facebook too.

Friday, May 29, 2009

I baked, he shot, I post

The photos have been taken.
Yes they have!
Right now, it has to go through my friend's keen eye before they will be posted here. I hope really soon.
The flavours that are on offer are:

Lush cupcakes
1 ABC Black ~ Robust and malty cake with bittersweet stout frosting *New* updated 22 June 09

2 Strawberry Shortcake ~ Kirsch liqueur cake with creamy frosting and fresh strawberries *New* updated 27 June 09

Standard cupcakes
1 Black White ~ Dark chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and more chocolate topping

2 Dark Choc ~ Decadent dark chocolate cake with bittersweet chocolate frosting

3 Coconut ~ Yummy coconut cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut topping *Recommended*

4 Orange ~ Tangy orange cake with vanilla frosting topped with orange zest and choc chips

5 O'reo ~ Twist, lick and dunk it? Crushed oreo butter cake with vanilla frosting and more biscuit.

6 Pandan ~ Pandan coconut cake with vanilla and orange sugar frosting *Recommended*

7 Vanilla ~ Vanilla cake with creamy vanilla frosting

8 Vanilla Choc ~ Vanilla cake with bittersweet chocolate frosting

Temporary break for a protracted holiday. Sorry for inconvenience but no orders will be accepted till further notice.

Freshly baked from the oven

Just finished baking!
Ribena (just a one off thing), Vanilla and Dark Choc.
Only needs the wonderful frosting on top. That has to be later in the morning.
The shoot has been brought forward a day. Therefore, I had to rush out just enough cupcakes for it. Not enough brown cupcake liners so probably will have to zip by Phoon Huat before it all starts.
The coconut ones will be done tomorrow for the big order on Saturday.
Then on Saturday will be the large batch for my little girl's belated one month old birthday gift to our church service members. Looking forward to see them munch munch.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Pictures pictures pictures

Yes, just started out on 7th May and all cupcakes are freshly baked at home. In fact, I just got this blog cranking up.
I do need photos of my cakes up soon! After all, how do we sell them if we do not show how they look like.
Appointment will be set for 30th May to have the little gems photographed. So, it'll be lots of buying of props and thinking through how the shots will be done.
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