Saturday, August 15, 2009

Failed carnival, we shall do better next time!

We were at a carnival over Thursday and Friday at a certain University.

Boy was it a lesson. A harsh one at that. There were only a handful of stalls present with no stalls selling clothes or accessories. Sales was appalling to say the least. There was some spurts of traffic but even when you gave them away free, people just refused. I just do not understand what happened. Alot were just not interested in food anymore.

I believe we were one of the last ones to confirm participation at the event. Still, there were neighbours who sold same products as I did namely, a muffin stall and a brownie stall. Surely, if they couldn't get people to do burgers or sausages due to food preparation restrictions, they could still get e.g. stalls selling sweets, chocolates, cookies... Now how creative or hardworking were the organisers?

To think that they had the cheek to want to charge $100 per day. Even commercial bazaars do not do such daylight robbery rentals.

There was a supposed World Record event held with only all of 170 odd people there. The last I remembered of a World Record held at ACJC, 10000 people were present for the musical chairs event!

On hindsight, I probably should have been more vigilant in checking the market. Always a next time to try out.
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