Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy birthday to you

My son's birthday and he got himself a delicious 9"x9" vanilla cake with oreo crumbs tossed in with strawberry topping and vanilla buttercream icing that I freshly baked earlier so he could share with his friends in school.

He attends playgroup as how they call it. It's a stage below nursery.

To my amazement, all of them were really kuai when it came to the birthday song singing and cake-cutting session. Even when it came to photo time, they gathered in a rather orderly fashion I must add except for the odd child who kept wanting to walk in between the tables.

When all the cake had been distributed, we went on to give out the goody bags. Real happy to see all the joy in their faces. My son was particularly proud that he got to be a sort of celebrity for the day. And he gave a resounding yes when we asked, "Was the cake nice?"

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