Thursday, February 25, 2010

How to make a good cake?

Thanks for the memories.

A song that keeps playing in my head currently.


Okay back to the topic. On a daily basis a great many of us probably ask ourselves this question. Male or female. Young or old. Amateur or professional. That question, "How to make a good cake?"

The answer is not in the dough, really, not in the dough. Well, that is my opinion. Like a famous person once said that too many cooks spoil the soup, it applies very much so for baking too. The other vital ingredient as like with cooking especially is to have a jovial heart and do it with lots of love, laughter and passion. Like a painter working on his or her canvass baking is very much like an art form.

And so here is a review of the chocolate cupcakes from after a lovely outing yesterday. What better way to spend time than this? With good food and immensely gorgeous company.


"I personally think e cupcake is good... E rest all thinks tt it's good n tot tt if e chocolate is inside would be even better..."
Sharon Tan, February 2010

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